Best Accredited Colleges School Rankings Methodology

Best Accredited Colleges school ranking lists are created using a proprietary ranking system that includes data from the U.S. Department of Education and individual program details. Read on to learn more about our methodology.

About Our Rankings

At Best Accredited Colleges, we strive to support all students as they plan their academic futures. Our school rankings have been designed to support this mission, with a focus on quality and affordability over selective or exclusive programs.

Our rankings include only accredited, non-profit schools. We use program-specific data alongside current reporting from the U.S. Department of Education.

While each list is unique, we review the following criteria when creating our rankings:

    • Financial aid
    • Alternative tuition plans
    • Tuition cost
    • Retention Rates
    • Student-faculty ratio
    • Admittance rates
    • Support and resources
    • Dual, AP, and transfer credit programs
    • Loan default rates
    • Graduation rates
    Depending on topic, our rankings may also include factors like specific programs, offices, or services that are relevant to a particular population or major.

    Putting Students First

    The team at Best Accredited Colleges realizes that each student has unique needs and goals. Our rankings highlight schools that put these needs first, while providing an education that is both attainable and high quality.