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Grand Canyon University | Bachelor of Arts in History for Secondary Education (ITL)

The Bachelor of Arts in History for Secondary Education degree program at Grand Canyon University is designed for students looking to pursue licensure as secondary teachers. Read on for more information about this program, which is offered both online and on campus.

Official Program Name:

Bachelor of Arts in History for Secondary Education

School Offering Program:

Grand Canyon University

Degree Level:


Program Prerequisites:

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in History for Secondary Education degree program should be interested in history and how to teach it to secondary students in a meaningful way. Applicants should also be interested in how to view history through a Christian perspective. In order to apply for this program, you should be able to show completion of an accredited bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA, appropriate ACT or SAT scores, and/or a GED with a sufficient score. Some programs may have additional requirements.

Program Description:

Students in this program have the opportunity to study history through the lens of Christianity and learn how to teach it effectively to today's secondary students. Courses combine history topics, such as U.S. history, war, and ancient history, with educational study about curriculum, assessments, and classroom management. In addition to classroom study, students are also required to complete a supervised practicum in a real-world classroom setting. Please note, this program leads to initial teacher licensure.

Learning Format:

Online and on campus

Program Length:

120 credits

Financial Aid Available:

Various financial aid options, including scholarships, loans, and grants, may be available for students at Grand Canyon University. Special discounts are available for high school students and the military. For more information about how to receive financial aid, contact the university financial aid office.

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Required Courses for the Bachelor of Arts in History for Secondary Education Program

In this program, students are required to complete 34-40 credits of general requirements, 80 credits of core requirements in history and education, and 0-6 credits of open electives for a program total of 120 credits. Be sure to contact Grand Canyon University before enrolling in any programs, as degree and course options are subject to change.

General Requirements (34-40 credits)

  • University Foundations courses, including one of the following:
    • University Success 103
    • University Success 303
  • Effective Communication courses, including the following:
    • 21st Century Skills: Communication and Information Literacy
    • English Composition I
    • English Composition II
    • Elements of Intercultural Communication
  • Christian Worldview courses, including one of the following:
    • Christian Worldview 101
    • Christian Worldview 103
  • Critical Thinking, including the following:
    • College Mathematics
  • Global Awareness, Perspective, and Ethics courses, including the following:
    • World Religions
    • General Psychology
    • Everyday Sociology
  • World History Themes
  • Early Adolescent and Adolescent Psychology

Core Requirements (80 credits)

  • U.S. History Themes
  • Survey of Special Education: Mild to Moderate Disabilities
  • SEI English Language Teaching: Foundations & Methodologies
  • Historians in Theory and Practice
  • Arizona and Federal Government
  • Social Justice for Educators
  • Content Area Literacy for Middle and Secondary Teachers
  • Historical Research and Applied Methods
  • Middle and Secondary Curriculum and Assessment
  • Ancient MedArts in Christian Education and Biblical Counseling

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in History for Secondary Education program may be interested in furthering their knowledge and advancing their job prospects by pursing a master's degree. Choices include options allowing students to continue specializing in the study of history as well as programs designed to prepare teachers to take administrative and leadership roles.

Master's degree options for graduates include (but are not limited to):

  • Master of Arts in History with an Emphasis on Education
  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an Education Specialization
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Career Paths:

Students who complete this program may go on to become licensed as history or social science teachers in public or private middle or high schools. In addition to educational careers that directly involve teaching, roles in museums and educational organizations may also be options for those who have completed this program.

Entry-level positions graduates could pursue include:

  • Public or private school administrator
  • Museum curator or archivist
  • Education consultant
  • History textbook writer

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