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Full Sail University | BS in Cloud Technologies

The Bachelor of Science in Cloud Technologies program at Full Sail University is designed to teach students about data storage, cloud platforms, and networking technologies. Read on for more detailed information about this bachelor's degree program, which is offered both online and on campus.

Official Program Name:

Bachelor of Science in Cloud Technologies

School Offering Program:

Full Sail University

Degree Level:


Program Prerequisites:

A strong understanding of basic computer hardware and software systems and past coursework in computer science, software engineering, or computer networking would be useful for prospective students of this Bachelor of Science in Cloud Technologies program. Students might display above-average technical, analytical, and conceptual skills. Applicants to Full Sail University should have a high school diploma or equivalent; some programs may have additional requirements.

Program Description:

From application server software to virtual computing technologies, Full Sail University's Bachelor of Science in Cloud Technologies program addresses the major aspects of cloud computing, networking, and information security used to store and protect corporate data and systems. Course topics might include network architecture and protocols, data routing through networks and cloud services, network security tools and software, data security across various networks, data security plan development, and cloud management system design and deployment. Other topics this program might address includes data distribution, backup and recovery, virtualization software, encryption, and local and remote data storage and access. Through a series of project and portfolio courses, students have the opportunity to create integrated, secured servers; create and deploy a cloud-based system and written project plans; use performance-monitoring tools to implement a cloud-based system; and plan and test disaster recovery strategies.

Learning Format:


Program Length:

120 credits.

Financial Aid Available:

Eligible students could be able to receive financial aid in the forms of grants, loans, and scholarships. Contact Full Sail University's financial aid office for more information.

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Required Courses for a Bachelor of Science in Cloud Technologies:

The BS in Cloud Technologies degree program require the completion of 23 major courses and 14 courses split evenly between project/portfolio courses and career modules. Degree program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Full Sail University to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

Major Courses (120 credits)

  • Creative Presentation
  • Psychology of Play
  • Technology in the Entertainment and Media Industries
  • English Composition I
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • System Scripting Fundamentals
  • Networking Technologies
  • Project and Portfolio I: Engineering
  • Career Module I: Personal Branding
  • Virtual Computing
  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Fundamentals of Physical Science
  • Introduction to Application Servers
  • Project and Portfolio II: Engineering
  • Career Module II: Career Research
  • Cloud Networking
  • Configuration Management Programming
  • College Mathematics
  • Project and Portfolio III: Cloud Technologies
  • Career Module III: Resume Fundamentals
  • Virtualization Technologies
  • Automating Resource Deployment
  • Network Security and Software
  • Cloud Management Platforms
  • Database Systems
  • Project and Portfolio IV: Cloud Technologies
  • Career Module IV: Career Strategy and Planning
  • Systems Performance and Capacity Management
  • Data Storage Systems
  • Technical Writing
  • Securing Systems and Data
  • Project and Portfolio V: Cloud Technologies
  • Software-Driven Data Centers
  • Statistics
  • Distributed Data
  • Cultural Studies and the Web
  • Project and Portfolio VI: Cloud Technologies
  • Project and Portfolio VII: Cloud Technologies
  • Career Module V: Networking
  • Career Module VI: Resume Writing
  • Career Module VII: Job Interview

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

The Bachelor of Science in Cloud Technologies program is designed to prepare graduates for entry into the workforce or for further studies in a master's degree program. Graduates who choose to obtain an advanced degree could expect to learn more about data storage technologies, computer engineering concepts, and information security processes. A master's degree could be required for career advancement to senior management or executive positions in many companies.

Master's degree programs graduates might be prepared to enroll in include, but are not limited to:

  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Data Science
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Career Paths:

Graduates of Full Sail University's BS in Cloud Technologies program might fill positions in corporate IT departments or technical computing firms. They might assist with or oversee network security practices, security software implementation, data storage technologies, network support management, or network configuration processes.

Careers that graduates could qualify for include:

  • Cloud architect
  • Computer network architect
  • Storage technology manager
  • Network systems administrator
  • Virtual server administrator
  • Network implementation specialist

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