Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Business Management

Oct 20, 2021

An online graduate certificate program in business management may be an easy way to learn or advance your skills in the fundamentals of management, marketing and finance. It can also equip the candidate to learn the practical skills of decision making, business strategy formulation, budgeting and leadership.

General Information for Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Business Management

Each college and university has its own requirements, but programs often include about 12 credits. Here are some of the common courses you should look for in this type of program:

Business Systems and Management

These courses often contain an introduction to the fundamental concepts in business management. They might include the various processes and operations that are typical in a business environment. Decision making, problem solving and maintaining stability in a system are often included.

Business Analytics

Courses might deal with the collection, organization and manipulation of data to extract proper statistics and monitor business performance. They also could explore the generation and presentation of reports with analytical data. Technology and tools to track and monitor data for specific purposes may also be addressed.

Leadership and People Skills

This kind of course can teach students to be effective leaders through self-evaluation, culture promotion in the workplace and management of employees at all levels. Managing unexpected situations and dealing with difficult problems could be part of the curriculum. The ethics of leadership and the values required for a person to be a good leader could also be discussed here.

International Marketing

The different challenges encountered in marketing based on social, economic and cultural factors are often outlined. Students might also learn to make leadership-based decisions for marketing. Various marketing tools and techniques including internet marketing could be discussed.

Project Management

Development of projects, managing teams and analysis of critical data during a project are often included in project management courses. Collection of data, generation of reports and other parameters used to monitor the operations during a project might be taught. All the documentation that is necessary to keep the project going could also be included in these courses.

Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting deals with the use of accounting data to make better decisions for the company. Courses could show how managers guide accountants to oversee the general accounting process. Students might look at the difference between capital and investment for financial purposes.

Admission Requirements for an Online Certificate in Business Management

To apply for an online certificate program in business management, you should have a bachelor's degree in business or a related field from an accredited institution. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is often required to apply for this program. Admission tests and work experience are not always required but may help increase your chances of admission. In addition to transcripts, some schools also require a resume and letters of recommendation.

An online graduate certificate in business management often requires about 12 credits. Courses vary but may include areas such as managerial accounting, project management, analytics and marketing.

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