Marketing Jobs for Veterans

Feb 21, 2023

Marketing is a field that requires individuals with a variety of different talents and skill sets. Many of these may be developed in military positions, even if under different names. Below are a number of marketing jobs that can be a good match for veterans.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Wage (2021)* Job Growth (2021-2031)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers $133,380 10% Experience in leadership, public relations and events planning
Market Research Analysts $63,920 19% Experience with data gathering, analysis, and intelligence
Art Directors $100,890 4% Experience with media, design, and illustration
Writers and Authors $69,510 4% Experience with press releases, correspondence, and public affairs
Web Developers $78,300 30% Experience with computers, coding, and websites

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Marketing Jobs for Veterans

For veterans with a desire to join the ranks of Mad Men and make their careers in marketing and advertising, there are a number of opportunities for veterans. Many veterans perform similar tasks to those who work in marketing every day, such as writing, research, design, illustration, and web development. Learn about marketing jobs where military experience may be a significant benefit.

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Veterans with leadership experience may have a significant advantage when it comes to management positions in the marketing industry. Military leadership training, poise, budget experience, and the ability to present information in a clear and concise manner may be particularly useful. Former officers can potentially excel in this field.

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers guide and lead the teams who create marketing products. They coordinate with account representatives and management to meet client needs and reach performance targets. They oversee all of the personnel and tasks. A bachelor's degree is required.

Market Research Analysts

Veterans with experience in data gathering and analysis as well as intelligence reporting may do well in this position. It is suitable for those who can analyze a variety of data from different sources and collate it into a useful narrative. Military veterans with skills using computer analysis programs and intelligence analysis systems may do well in this field.

Market research analysts collect data on many aspects of product marketing. They analyze competitors' products, pricing, advertising placement, message and other metrics. They also work with data that analyzes economic, regional, and market trends to make decisions and discover new marketing opportunities. Those entering this field will need a bachelor's degree, and research positions often require a master's degree.

Art Directors

Veterans who worked in media, particularly those who reached a level of leadership as officers, may do well as civilian art directors. Military experience coordinating projects, managing teams, meeting budgets, and adhering to deadlines is precisely the skill set needed for this position. Veterans may find that their leadership training provides an advantage over other job seekers.

Art directors are responsible for the appearance of marketing campaigns. They plan and oversee the execution of the images, look, and style of all the pieces across different media. This can include creating the concept and setting the standards for print, internet, broadcast, billboards, and more. Art directors need a bachelor's degree.

Writers and Authors

Military veterans with experience writing press releases and promotional material may find writing for marketing a good career path. Skills honed in the military, like clean grammar and accuracy, may be important in this career. In some cases, particularly with companies that do a lot of military business like aerospace, veterans may find they have an advantage over other candidates.

In the marketing and advertising industry, writers and authors are usually referred to as copywriters or content writers. Copywriters tend to work on advertisements, while content writers produce for websites and social media. Whatever the title, writers research information and write the words for all of the marketing media. This may consist of articles, blogs, ad copy, headlines, billboards, scripts, press releases, and invitations. Most writers have bachelor's degrees.

Web Developers

For veterans who have coding experience and work with websites, this can be a good career choice. The ability to work with a variety of computer languages, as well as an appreciation for security issues, may allow veterans to stand out. This can be particularly true with military contractors and suppliers.

Web developers create websites. Some are involved primarily in the design, look, and feel of the website. Others work with coding that creates functionality, often known as back-end developers. There are also developers who specialize in user interface and user experience. This is a fast-growing field, and an associate's degree is most commonly required.

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