Marketing & Graphic Design Double Major

Sep 03, 2022

Information about Earning a Bachelor's Degree with a Double Major in Marketing and Graphic Design

Individuals who study graphic design develop the artistic talents needed to produce visual materials, such as posters or logos. Marketing students develop the skills needed to sell merchandise, develop marketing plans and make informed business decisions. Students who combine studies in these fields should be qualified to develop marketing strategies as well as promotional materials. In order to earn a double major students must complete the required courses for both majors.

Admission Requirements for a Double Major in Marketing and Graphic Design

Students applying to postsecondary institutions must provide a high school transcript that demonstrates they've completed the core course requirements along with their standardized test scores. Some schools require that applicants provide additional materials, such as an application essay or reference letter from a teacher or guidance counselor. A portfolio may be part of the application requirements for graphic design programs, so that schools can consider artistic skills as well as academic achievement.

Double Major in Marketing and Graphic Design Program Coursework

Students studying graphic design will begin with courses introducing the basic principles and then move on to computer design programs, while the marketing major requires introductory business classes before advancing to the more specialized marketing courses. The following are several common class requirements you might find for this double major.

Business Law

Businesses are governed by laws and regulations that determine how they can operate. Students pursuing a degree in marketing learn about different types of business laws. They also gain the knowledge needed to understand how business contracts and other types of legal business arrangements work. Courses may also explore ethical issues that are relevant to business practices.

Visual Communication

Students who study visual communication will explore the different factors that can influence graphic design. As students progress in visual communications they will learn about image symbolism and how visual images can be used to represent beliefs or businesses. Studies will also cover the use of color in visual communications and how it can affect the material that's being presented.

Consumer Behavior

By studying the way that people make buying decisions and how they make those purchases, marketing students develop an understanding of the factors that promote or discourage sales of specific products. This helps students understand the role of marketing and how it can be used to influence consumer decisions.


Typography refers to how visual materials are presented, and it's commonly associated with specific types of fonts used for text. Students studying typography will explore different aspects of font design and how those factor impact the information that's being presented.

Brand Management

Developing a brand is an important marketing strategy in today's economy. Students will learn about the ways to develop a brand. They will also look at the association between brands and products or brands and companies and how they can be utilized to attract and retain customers. Principles of brand design and management that apply to both for-profit and non-profit organizations will be explored.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are commonly used in commercials, television programs, video games, apps and other forms of media. Students who take this course will learn how to develop graphics that move. They will also discover how to use motion graphics in different types of media platforms, such as computer programs and film.

How to Choose a Bachelor's Degree Program with a Double Major in Marketing and Graphic Design

It is possible to pursue studies in both graphic design and marketing at many colleges and universities throughout the country. Programs are available at both public and private schools, which may affect the tuition costs. Students should also consider the scope of the programs offered and may wish to seek out programs that offer practical skill development through internship opportunities.

Career Options for a Degree with a Double Major in Marketing and Graphic Design

Students who earn a double major in marketing and graphic design will be qualified to pursue a career as a graphic designer. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicated that in 2021, the median income for graphic designers was $50,710 per year. From 2020 to 2030 the BLS expects graphic designers will see jobs increase by 3%.

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