Marine Corps Jobs that Are In-Demand

Oct 20, 2021

In-Demand Career Options in the U.S. Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps has many in-demand career options; in fact, they were offering special incentives to entering service members who choose one of those roles in 2019 and 2020. The Marine Corps also offers competitive pay, promotions and raises with time served, insurance, and housing incentives. While some of these positions require specific training or education (for instance officers typically need a four-year degree), other positions only require on-the-job training. These in-demand positions include:

Job Title Average Military Salary*
Community and Recreation Specialist $45,414
Community Services Officer $111,833
Cyber-Operations Officer $91,804
Cyber-Operations Specialist $58,655
Geospatial Imaging Officer $55,971
Geospatial Imaging Specialist $55,815
Human Intelligence Officer $107,292
Ordnance Specialist $54,374

Source: *U.S. Department of Defense

Career Information for U.S. Marine Corps In-Demand Jobs

Community and Recreation Specialist

Community and recreation specialists need a high school diploma or GED and an interest in working with people. In this role, specialists provide services to military members and their families. Their services may include organizing sports and activities, libraries, laundry services, community housing, crisis assistance, and food services.

Community Services Officer

The U.S. Marine Corps is currently seeking more members for the Marine Core Community Services. Officers need a four-year degree and oversee community services specialists. Their responsibilities include overseeing programs, such as parades, and other functions and initiatives. These officers may also direct certain recreation programs and facility operations, including libraries and clubs.

Cyber-Operations Officer

The Marine Corp is seeking more cyber personnel, including officers. These officers need a four-year degree (typically in computer science or a related field), organizational skills, and familiarity with technology. Cyber-operations offers oversee operations relating to cyberspace in order to support many military operations. Some officers may focus on defensive or offensive operations, and other officers may work in areas which integrate the two.

Cyber-Operations Specialist

Cyber-operations specialists need a high school diploma or GED and are enlisted members of the Marine Corps. These specialists are in-demand, as of 2019, and may receive up to a $40,000 stipend upon joining. Cyber specialists conduct cyberspace operations, working under cyber-operations officers, to maintain security for all military operations. These specialists may include offensive cyber targeting, data protection, as well as identifying and responding to attacks. While they often receive their training on the job, some computer and technology skills would be helpful.

Geospatial Imaging Officer

Another in-demand position in the Marine Corps available to those with a four-year degree in science, engineering, or math is the geospatial imaging officer. These officers typically work in offices but may be assigned to work aboard ships or in the field. They play an important role in military success by analyzing imagery to identify threats and opportunities. Geospatial imaging officers utilize imagery information systems and oversee the operations of geospatial imaging specialists.

Geospatial Imaging Specialist

Geospatial imaging specialists are enlisted members who need a high school diploma or GED and an interest in computers and earth science. These specialists collect and analyze imagery in an effort to support operations such as those pertaining to war. These specialists utilize imagery technology and maps in order to gather sufficient information to report to leaders of military operations.

Human Intelligence Officer

An in-demand job within the U.S. Marine Corps is that of a human intelligence officer, which requires applicants to hold a four-year degree. They should also have strong communication and organizational skills. These officers may oversee psychological operations in order to predict and control individuals and groups. These officers go through extensive training to ensure they are experts in the subject, and may also be instructed on topics related to their country of assignment (such as politics and economics).

Ordnance Specialist

Ordnance specialists, or technicians, may work in repair shops or in the field. Explosive ordnance specialists need at least a high school diploma or GED, and are in high demand in the Marine Corps. They are responsible for maintaining safety, storage, and transportation of explosives as well as their disposal when applicable.

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