List of Free Online Health Courses and Classes

Oct 20, 2021

Online Health Courses for Credit

While free health courses online can help you learn without having to deal with registration or tuition, these courses cannot provide any college credit. If you're looking to attain credit for school, you can check out the budget-friendly offerings found on , which include engaging video lessons paired with free lesson transcripts and interactive practice quizzes.

Students can take a look at Health 101: Principles of Health. Chapters in this course include:

  • Drugs and Addictive Behavior - Go over addictive behaviors, types of drugs and drug abuse.
  • Substance Use Risks & Disorders - Learn about combining substances, drug interactions and treating substance-related disorders.
  • Personal Health for Aging Populations - Review theories of aging, human longevity and health, fitness and sexuality in late adulthood.

Online Health Course Information

The classes below cover various aspects of health, ranging from the history of health care delivery, to health care for the elderly and health issues in developing countries. Many of the classes offer lectures and slides that can be downloaded. In some courses, students can access assignments, exams and handouts to help with their studies. There is no time limit for finishing the classes, but they do not offer college credit.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University offers a series of undergraduate and graduate classes that cover issues in public health, the changes in health care delivery and ethical challenges in the health care system.

  • Introduction to Health Policy covers specific policy as it relates to injury, medical care and public health preparedness. While a couple of the online lectures may be unavailable, there are numerous lectures that cover policy and prevention.
  • Ethical Issues in Public Health focuses on the moral issues facing health care systems. Students will be able to discuss and analyze various cases to understand public health issues. Readings cover poverty, social justice, civil liberties and public health.
  • Health Issues for Aging Populations teaches students about the challenges and issues surrounding health care delivery for older adults. Students will learn about the aging process and the role of the government in serving the elderly. There are 14 lectures that cover topics like state and federal policies, disability and disease prevention.
  • Managed Care and Health Insurance highlights the structure, finances, policy and formation of the health insurance model. Although not all of the slides and lectures are available online, there is downloadable information about public policy, accountability and the costs of health care.
  • Population Change and Public Health connects the role of population to its effect on health care delivery. Special attention is given to the health challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as current issues in health care policy and case studies.
  • Public Health Biology takes a biological look at the health care system. Students can download a series of lectures to learn about concepts including cancer, public health biotechnology, immunity and disease ecology.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Comparative Health Policy is an undergraduate class that analyzes the health care system in the United States of America, including its successes and challenges and what the future holds. There is also a study of how America's health system compares to other countries and the problems that can affect health care delivery to the people. Online lecture notes can be downloaded in a PDF form as part of the class.
  • Information Technology in the Health Care System of the Future teaches students about the transformations of health care because of information technology and technology developments. Lecture notes highlight the state of health care, as well as funding and data issues in delivering health services. Students can also access assignments if they are interested in testing their knowledge.

The Open University

The Open University offers two intermediate classes for students who want to understand the significance of health in modern society.

  • Health is Everywhere: Unraveling the Mystery of Health connects health to income, ethnicity and family. Students will access a series of lessons covering health as it relates to media, the middle class, low income and other topics. Most lessons include an activity.
  • Public Health and Mental Health Promotion teaches students about the connection between public health and mental health and its role in a person's life. Students will also understand the perceptions people have about the two areas of health.

Tufts University

  • Population Health is a graduate-level class that promotes an understanding between animal health, human health, population and public health. Students can download 12 lectures that cover health issues, medicine and the future of veterinary services. The idea behind the class is to give veterinarians a better understanding of the role of public health in their profession.

University of Michigan

  • Perspectives in Global Health teaches students about health delivery systems across the globe and how economics and politics affect health care. The class is designed to show students the problems with global health delivery. Handouts and lectures are available for students to download.
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