LCD TV Repair Classes and Courses Information

Oct 20, 2021

Essential Information

Numerous community colleges offer certificate and associate's degree programs that contain courses that may be helpful to those interested in LCD TV repair. These programs typically result in certificates or associate's degrees in fields such as television servicing technology, network technology or electronics servicing and repair.

Here are a few highlighted concepts to be found in LCD TV repair classes:

  • Controllers
  • Inner-workings of devices
  • Power transfers
  • Electrical symbols and units
  • Theories
  • Soldering
  • Networking technologies

List of Courses

Electronics Mathematics Course

This is an introductory course for students found in most electronics-related programs. In this course, students focus on how algebra, geometry and trigonometry relate to electronics. Topics covered include determinants, vectors, number systems, linear equations, logarithmic, conic sections and graphs. Students typically work with scientific calculators and computers throughout the course.

Direct Current (DC) Circuits Course

Students examine the functions of DC circuitry in this course in both passive and active devices. Analysis and circuit construction are often discussed in this course. The roles of voltage, power, energy, resistance and current in DC circuits are examined. Other concepts covered may include network theorems and electrical measurements. This course usually requires a prerequisite in basic electronics and is found in television service and electronic repair programs at the associate's degree and certificate levels.

Alternating Circuits (AC) Circuits Course

The role of alternating circuits is examined in this course. Active devices are studied as students focus on concepts such as network theorems and electrical mathematics. Students also delve into topics about inductance, impedance, capacitance and reactance. Laboratory work where students physically examine and analyze AC circuitry may be required. This course may necessitate basic electronics coursework as a prerequisite.

Introduction to Digital Electronics Course

Digital numbering systems, flip-flops, counter circuits, memories, integrated circuits and digital codes are some of the topics covered in this course. Students examine digital systems, integrated circuit micro-electronics and digital logic circuitry. This course usually requires prerequisite courses in mathematics and basic electronics.

Electronics Troubleshooting Course

Students examine the basics of troubleshooting problems in a variety of electronic devices. Concepts covered include methods, equipment and electrical motor theory. Students may work with maintenance tools, learn about preventative maintenance and study the National Electrical Code. Safety is also discussed and emphasized. This course usually requires previous electronics and electrical courses to provide students with the fundamental knowledge of system operations. This course is typically only found in electronic repair certificate programs.

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