Jobs for Disabled Veterans' Spouses

Feb 27, 2023

The life of a spouse of a disabled veteran varies from person to person. Though spouses of disabled veterans can have any career, some need a career with flexibility and an adjustable schedule. Work-from-home careers offer the ability to earn an income while maintaining a busy lifestyle. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular remote careers and provide a comparison of the salary and growth statistics, as well as any veteran or military benefits they offer and what skills are needed for the position.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Salary (2021)* Job Growth (2021-2031)* Applicable Skills/Traits
Customer Service Representative $36,920 -4% growth Organizational skills, quick thinking, good communication skills
Writer $69,510 4% growth Good communication skills, ability to research, attention to detail
Medical Transcriptionist $30,100 -7% decline Fast typing speed, knowledge of medical terminology, attention to detail
Information Clerk $37,450 0% growth Attention to detail, fast typing speed
Sales Representative $28,910 (for telemarketers) -18% growth (for telemarketers) Good communication skills, ability to negotiate
Teacher/Tutor $61,320 (middle school teacher)
$61,820 (high school teacher)
$40,735 (2023) (tutor)**
4% growth (middle and high school teachers) Have knowledge in the subject area, good communication skills, flexibility to meet learning needs
Technical Support Representative $57,910 (for computer support specialists) 6% growth (for computer support specialists) Computer and software knowledge, good communication skills

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **

Relevance to Spouses of Disabled Veterans

Finding a job that allows for flexibility to attend appointments and other obligations is essential for the spouse of a disabled veteran. The careers in this article are highlighted because they offer the opportunity to work remotely and the schedule is adjustable from day to day in most cases.

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is responsible for assisting customers, answering questions, and resolving any issues or complaints they may have. A customer service representative must have good conversational skills as well as the ability to stay focused and maintain a positive attitude. Remote customer service representatives usually assist customers either through a phone conversation, email or online chat. Training is usually provided by the company. Several popular companies offer work-from-home customer service representative jobs, such as Amazon, Verizon, and Progressive Insurance. According to its website, Xerox even offers a Heroes at Home program that makes hiring veterans and veterans' spouses a priority, and the company even offers family assistance when needed.


Being a remote or work-from-home writer may involve doing copywriting, technical writing, blogging, advertising, scriptwriting or any of numerous other forms of writing. A writer must be able to research and, most importantly, be able to convey ideas in a clear way. Writing allows for a person to work from anywhere, as long as deadlines are met, which makes this a great option for those with busy schedules. Some companies even look specifically for military spouse writers, such as, which has a blog called Spouse Buzz. The training and education required to be a writer varies based on the type of writing, but a degree in English or communications is usually preferred.

Medical Transcriptionist

The main responsibility of a medical transcriptionist is to create written accounts of voice recordings made by doctors and medical staff. The ability to type quickly and with few errors is an important skill for this career. Medical transcriptionists usually need knowledge of medical terminology, and therefore additional training or certification is needed. The American Association for Medical Transcriptionists offers certification information and a list of approved certification programs. Meditec offers the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account scholarship for military spouses wishing to get medical training, including a medical transcriptionist certification.

Information Clerk

Information clerks are responsible for recording, organizing, and sometimes analyzing data, as well as maintaining databases. No formal education is required, but a quick typing speed and attention to detail are important skills for this career. Training is usually provided by the company. Xerox also offers jobs related to this area, such as remote data entry positions, through its Heroes at Home program.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives help customers select the best products or services for their needs by explaining the details and answering questions. The training needed to be a sales representative varies based on the product or service being sold. Most companies provide their own training. A sales representative will need to have great communication skills and be able to negotiate with customers and clients. Much like customer service representatives, remote sales representatives (who are sometimes called telemarketers) usually assist customers via phone, email and online chat. According to its website, Convergys hires work-from-home sales representatives and makes a priority out of hiring veterans and their spouses.


Online education is a growing industry, and many companies are looking to hire work-from-home tutors and teachers. Companies such as VIPKID and ALO7 offer the opportunity to teach English as a second language to children in China. Varsity Tutors and offer subject-specific tutoring for elementary and secondary students. is part of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, according to its website. An online teacher or tutor is responsible for helping students learn a skill or master a subject area. A bachelor's degree or higher is usually required for this career.

Technical Support Representative

Technical support representatives provide both customer service and troubleshooting for clients. A good knowledge of computers, software, and internet connections is essential for this career. Technical support representatives provide assistance for a variety of devices, such as computers, alarm systems, cell phones, and more. Training and education vary based on the position, but most companies provide some training. Apple is one major company that hires work-from-home technical support agents, and it offers product discounts for veterans and their families, according to the Apple website.

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