Gifted Teacher Certification in Missouri

Oct 20, 2021

On top of traditional educator certification, gifted teachers in Missouri must fulfill extra obligations before earning the right to teach gifted students without supervision. Additional experience is necessary, along with graduate-level education, as outlined below.

Requirements for Gifted Teacher Certification in Missouri

Average Salary for Teachers in Missouri (2019)* $50,920 (Elementary)
$51,930 (Middle)
$50,980 (Secondary)
Required Degree Graduate Certificate or Master's Degree
Degree Field Gifted Education
Testing Requirements Missouri Educator Profile (MEP), Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA), Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment (MoPTA), Missouri Content Assessments

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Education Requirements for Missouri Gifted Teacher Certification

To begin teaching gifted students on your own, Missouri requires education above the undergraduate level. You may choose to obtain a Master of Education in Special Education, with an emphasis on gifted education. In a program such as this one, graduate students enroll in courses that include Curriculum Methods for Gifted and Talented Students, Developmental Aspects of Human Learning, and Research with Exceptional Children. You could also earn a graduate certificate in the education of gifted and talented students. This shorter program is designed to supplement another graduate degree, and includes classes like Educational Affirmatives for Exceptional Students, and Advanced Theory and Practice in Student Assessment and Evaluation. A full master's degree will include a student teaching experience in which you will work directly with gifted students.

Testing Requirements for Missouri Certification in Gifted Education

Educators of gifted students must undergo the same testing procedures as those who work in traditional classrooms. The Missouri Content Assessments are a series of multiple-choice exams tailored to concentration areas for each teacher -- for example, first grade teachers will need to take the early childhood education exam, while high school chemistry teachers will need to pass the chemistry exam. All of the content assessment tests require a score of 220 to pass.

Educators are required to fill out the Missouri Educator Profile (MEP), a survey of just under 200 questions that is not 'scored' but acts as a professional style analysis. The questions help to demonstrate your decisions and reactions in a classroom setting to the state of Missouri as you prepare to begin teaching your own classes. You are free to take this survey from any computer with an Internet connection, and there is no time limit for completing it, as long as you finish before your certification process is complete.

Regardless of grade level, the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA) tests all teachers on four general subjects: reading comprehension and interpretation, writing, science and social studies, and mathematics. While the writing section asks you to fill out a longer answer to a writing prompt, the other three subtests follow the multiple-choice pattern of other MEGA exams. You have the option to take the subtests in different sessions or all at once.

All educators will go through the Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment (MoPTA) prior to earning their certification. This evaluation, which can include a video element if allowed by your student teaching institution, helps to develop your skills as a teacher and find areas to improve before earning your certificate. Four components are included in the evaluation, and once the submission deadline has passed, you will know your results in approximately four weeks.

Certification Requirements for Gifted Educators in Missouri

To teach gifted students in Missouri, you must have already earned a previous teaching certification in the state. Legislation also requires two years of previous teaching experience. Specific graduate courses are necessary, all of which can be found in accredited Missouri educator programs. A clinical session/student teaching course with gifted students is mandatory if you wish to obtain certification. A temporary authorization certificate (TAC) is issued to individuals with twelve credit hours or less until their degree is complete. Furthermore, evidence must be provided of passing scores on all necessary MEGA assessments.

Additional Resources for Missouri Gifted Education Certification

As you move toward certification as a gifted educator in Missouri, check out the courses available at before you earn your certificate. The material contained in our database is a great way to review what you have already learned, including courses such as the ones listed below:

  • Teaching Gifted Students
  • Teaching Gifted and Talented Students
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