CRM Program Director: Job Description & Responsibilities

Jan 27, 2022

What Is a CRM Program Director?

CRM program directors work as management in an organization's customer relations management initiative. They create and implement plans to deploy customer relations management applications such as Salesforce for the organization. The director assumes responsibility for planning sessions devoted to customer relations management focusing on organizational objectives, processes, requirements for efficient and successful CRM implementation, maintenance, and oversight. Sales and marketing are the key components of an organization's success and the CRM director works with sales executives to identify potential profitable sources by utilizing CRM applications such as Salesforce. The CRM director analyzes the organization's current CRM application to ensure that it works well with the organization's business structure and goals and makes recommendations as needed to tailor it to the organization's specific needs.

CRM program directors possess a deep understanding of sales processes including lead generation, management of sales leads, and other sales and marketing processes. Directors analyze an organization's key performance indicators (KPI) and focus on measures to ensure that the CRM functions to meet the organization's KPI and maximize the organization's return on investment. CRM directors work directly with an organization's top-level executives to improve the customer experience as well as placing a strong priority on business processes and the organization's commercial operations. A CRM program director works to tailor the organization's CRM enterprise to the organization's customer base in the form of targeted marketing communication. He or she also manage multiple marketing campaigns through CRM. Directors identify, select, and implement data structures and systems as well as efficient system integration efforts based upon the specific needs and goals of the organization.

Educational Requirements Master of Business Administration
Job Skills Strong management skills, expert knowledge of CRM systems and applications, strong communication skills, excellent analytical thinking ability, strong organizational skills
Median Salary (2021)* $102,345
Job Outlook N/A

Source: *

Required Education

CRM program directors hold a Master of Business Administration degree. A concentration in marketing or a marketing-related field is preferred by employers. Practical work experience with CRM implementation is strongly desired.

Required Skills

CRM program directors need to have strong management skills because they are involved in managing an organization's customer relations management enterprise across multiple marketing campaigns. Analytical thinking ability is a necessary skill for CRM program directors because they analyze an organization's key performance indicators with an eye toward maximizing sales and marketing objectives and ensuring a maximum return on investment for the organization. The CRM director should possess expert knowledge on customer relations management systems because he or she must be able to effectively implement optimum CRM suite usage tailored to the organization's specific needs. He or she also must be able to identify data structures and integrate this data into the organization's existing CRM. Program directors possess strong communication and collaborative skills because they work directly with an organization's top-level executives as well as its sales and marketing departments with respect to the organization's targets in sales and marketing goals, customer satisfaction, sales lead generation and management, and efficient integration of data into the organization's CRM.

Career Outlook and Salary

According to, the median annual salary for a CRM program director is $102,345 as of August 2021. also reports that prior experience in CRM systems and work in sales can positively affect salary. The website notes for example that prior experience with a CRM system such as Salesforce can reflect a 44% increase in salary.

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