List of Cost Estimating Classes & Training Courses

Oct 20, 2021

Cost Estimating Training

Entry-level cost estimators may receive on-the-job training through cooperative educational programs or internships. Intense cost estimator training courses and seminars, often requiring several days of attendance, may be offered through companies and organizations in the construction and engineering fields. Stand-alone continuing education courses may be available at some college campuses. Many may also offer cost estimating courses online.

Certificate programs in cost estimating are also available through college extension programs designed for professional development. In addition, courses in cost estimating can be found as part of construction engineering technology or construction management associate's and bachelor's degree programs. Topics in estimating and costing courses will include the following:

  • FAR regulations
  • Acceptable tools
  • Documentation
  • Auditing
  • Contracts
  • Proposal ground rules

Common Cost Estimating Classes

If you're looking to take cost estimation courses, there are several different ways to go about it. Classes in cost estimation can be found on various online platforms. In addition to this, FEMA also offers a free web-based course. Finally, schools that offer such a course, or program of courses, include:

  • San Diego State University
  • The Virtual Design & Construction Institute
  • Defense Acquisition University
  • University of Continuing Education
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • UCLA Extension

Below are different types of cost estimation programs that might be offered.

Cost Estimating Course

In this introductory cost estimation course, participants learn to prepare preliminary cost estimates. Instructors teach them to base estimates off of early specifications and design drawings. The course covers estimation techniques for final project bids, such as the cost of labor and pricing material.

Construction Estimating Course

Students learn how to compute costs and identify cost-estimation resources for the construction industry. Participants utilize computer software programs and create construction estimation reports. They become proficient in several areas of the cost-estimation process, including material transportation and handling, carpentry, sewage systems, electrical wiring, water distribution systems, floor systems, floor finishes and foundations.

Estimation and costing courses can help you land a job as an estimator for construction or engineering projects

Engineering Cost Estimating Course

Covering principles of cost estimating in engineering, this class teaches the importance of understanding profit and loss and financial statements. Students also learn how to measure material and labor costs for engineering projects. Upon completion of the course, students should know how to correctly identify the factors that determine the total cost of a project. They will also get experience in using estimation and costing software for civil engineering.

Cost Estimating Interior Materials Course

The course gives students knowledge of interior finishes and materials, as well as codes and regulations for residential, commercial and renovation projects. They learn about such interior materials as windows, flooring and cabinetry. Students can expect to learn quantity and cost estimation skills.

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