Computer Science Jobs in the Military

Oct 20, 2021

Career Options for Computer Science Jobs in the Military

Just as they are in civilian life, computer science careers are important to the function of the military and all its inner workings. Engineering, web presence, and application development are all vital to the armed forces. Take a look at the list below, and find out if you might have a career in military computer science ahead of you!

Job Title Median Salary (2020)* Job Growth (2019-2029)*
Software Developer $110,140 22%
Web Developer $77,200 8%
Information Security Analyst $103,590 31%
Database Administrator $98,860 10%
Computer Network Architect $116,780 5%
Computer Hardware Engineer $119,560 2%

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Computer Science Jobs in the Military

Software Developer

Programs and apps developed for the military are used to streamline and optimize the performance of soldiers and their superiors in and out of active duty. Software developers take the special needs of the military or other clients and turn them into user-friendly programs. Developers might also illustrate flow charts for programmers to follow if the developers themselves are not going to be writing code. Software developers must have a bachelor's degree in computer science and be incredibly skilled in computer programming.

Web Developer

Maintaining a web presence is vital for military recruiting and publicity. Web developers are responsible for building websites from scratch, as well as overhauling an existing site to help it remain relevant and topical. Details such as graphics and video are outlined, and traffic must be monitored to prevent a website from crashing. Aspiring web developers should earn an associate degree in the field prior to pursuing a career.

Information Security Analyst

Military intelligence is a vital asset, and information security analysts can ensure that the threat of cyberattacks against a country's armed forces is minimal. Customized software that includes special encryption and firewalls can protect information considered private or classified, and analysts can also work with other software and hardware users to instruct them on the best methods of attack prevention. Information security analysts usually need a bachelor's degree in some type of computer field.

Database Administrator

Database administrators can secure military information, such as personnel names and ranks, in secured areas within a computer database. This same data can then be backed up in order to prevent a crisis if the information goes missing or disappears completely. Database administrators might choose to specialize in either systems or applications. Those who wish to pursue a career in database administration will need a bachelor's degree, as well as significant experience in a similar field.

Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects can construct networks of communication to keep members of a military in touch with each other. These architects keep information security in mind when designing a network, and they also consistently install upgrades to maintain each network. Architects also perform research to figure out how they can continuously support their organization or company for the future. Those who wish to be computer network architects must obtain a bachelor's degree, and they usually work for some time in a related position before becoming architects.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineers of computers build computer systems for the military to ensure that a country's armed forces are equipped with the latest in design and innovation. Engineers might also modify and update existing designs to ensure that computer systems and hardware remain at the cutting edge, and they also analyze test results to determine what should be done with future systems. Computer hardware engineers should have a bachelor's degree.

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