Civilian Jobs for Senior Military Officers

Mar 08, 2023

Veteran senior military officers bring high levels of training and experience to the civilian workforce. As such it is no wonder that they are often sought after as professionals in a number of management positions. Below are six career possibilities for these officers.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Wage (2021)* Job Growth (2021-2031)* Applicable military skills/traits
Top Executives $98,980 6% Leadership and management experience
Architectural and Engineering Managers $152,350 2% Experience with execution of complex projects
Logisticians $77,030 28% Supply chain management experience
Cost Estimator $65,170 -2% (decline) Proven capability in planning budgets
Budget Analysts $79,940 3% Experience with financial records, budgets, and analysis

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Six Civilian Careers for Senior Military Officers

The unique blend of education, training, and executive experience which senior military officers bring to the table makes them among the top choices for boardroom and upper management positions. These careers make the most of military officer assets and can also be challenging and rewarding.

Top Executives

Senior military officer veterans have proven experience accomplishing the most demanding tasks in difficult situations. They also have the attitude and ability to see that the job is done right and that it is done well, making them ideal top executives and senior level managers. Top executives plan strategies and operations for enterprises both large and small. These positions require foresight, the ability to analyze data and situations, and probably most of all, an ability to manage staff to bring about a successful project. Senior military officers often have years of experience accomplishing exactly these types of tasks. Bachelor's degrees are required, along with suitable prior experience.

Architectural and Engineering Managers

Senior military officers with experience in building and managing physical structures or weapons systems will find this a likely fit. The key component is a proven track record of accomplishment which many officers can demonstrate from their service record. In this position, managers plan, develop, oversee, and execute the creation of surveillance systems, navigation systems, weapons systems, as well as the facilities and factories to produce them. The primary task is to plan production so that hundreds of thousands of complex unique parts come together at the right moment, and to keep the team in place and running smoothly, in order to successfully complete the project. This career requires a bachelor's degree and relevant experience.


Every military officer knows the importance of the supply chain. Since that is the job of logisticians, veteran officers make ideal candidates. Logisticans plan and coordinate the delivery of everything an enterprise might need. In the civilian defense industry this can be a particularly challenging and difficult task. Parts and components are manufactured all over the world and shipped to central points for final assembly. Keeping it all running smoothly with just-in-time deliveries so there are no delays or problems is the goal of logisticians. This makes it a more than suitable task for veteran officers. Experience and a bachelor's degree are necessary in this field.

Cost Estimators

For those senior military officers with an appreciation for spreadsheets and number-crunching, this can be a good choice. Experience managing large and complex budgets over long timelines, as well as familiarity with government and defense contracting standards is a plus that may give veteran officers an edge over others. Cost estimators are responsible for determining the cost of a future operation or product. Given the scope of the job this can become a tremendously complex task. It is also a very important job, as quality estimates are required for any enterprise to function. Experience and a bachelor's degree are required.

Budget Analysts

Many senior military officers have experience working with and within budgets. However, this particular position is particularly good for those who troubleshoot and audit other departments for accuracy and efficiency. Budget analysts work with companies and enterprises to examine all aspects of their financial health, including cash flow, expenditures, liabilities, tax strategy, and benefits in order to make the company more efficient and robust. This position requires a bachelor's degree.

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