Which is a better major: anthropology, sociology or psychology?


Which is a better major: anthropology, sociology or psychology?

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Whether a major in anthropology, sociology, or psychology is better depends on perspective. These disciplines are social sciences that examine human behavior. Some jobs, such as market research analyst and public relations specialist, are options for all three majors. But the majors do differ, and each major prepares students for jobs that may not be options for students who pursue the other majors.

Anthropology majors focus on understanding what creates culture and makes each of us human. They learn how we influence the world, as well as how the world influences us. Anthropologists usually specialize in archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, or linguistic anthropology. Many anthropologists work in research, studying archeological remains and other items that help them understand how a specific culture originated and developed.

Sociology majors study society, examining life, change, and human behavior in the context of social interactions. This includes learning how groups and institutions form and how individuals are influenced by these. Employers often prefer to hire sociologists for jobs such as social worker and guidance counselor.

Psychology majors focus on the individual to learn how the mind works and influences individual behavior. In the job market, psychology majors have an edge on qualifying for jobs such as clinical psychologist and forensic psychologist.

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