Which is a better major: anthropology, archaeology or geology?


Which is a better major: anthropology, archaeology or geology?

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Whether a major in anthropology, archaeology, or geology is better depends on your interests and career goals. One option is to combine them into a double major. At many colleges and universities, archaeology is a specialty offered as part of an anthropology major. If you double major in geology, you can cover all three disciplines. This will make you eligible to teach as well as conduct research on past cultures and societies. As an archaeologist, your research would often involve digs at locations where previous societies lived. Your knowledge of geology could be useful on these digs.

If you prefer to major in one of these areas without including the other two disciplines in your studies, you should consider the focus of each major. Anthropology seeks to understand how cultures are created and how this influences human behavior. Archaeology gathers information about past cultures and societies to study human history. Geology studies the rocks and soils that comprise the Earth and seeks to understand how the Earth's composition has changed over time.

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