What is the communications studies major at BYU?


What is the communications studies major at BYU?

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The Communications Studies major at BYU is a generalized communications major, offering students the freedom to explore all aspects of communication as opposed to specializing in one area. The other majors within the School of Communications include:

- Advertising

- Journalism

- Public Relations

If a student finds that they do not have a special interest in one of the previously listed options, they are encouraged to pursue the Communications Studies major.

The School of Communications emphasizes the fact that the fine lines between the designated areas of communication are beginning to merge together, and this major acts as a leeway to connect all parts of communication.

It is encouraged, additionally, for students with a declared Communications Studies major to communicate their outcome goals with the faculty and staff. As communication can become a very broad umbrella of information, the faculty and staff can aid in directing student's education towards the final outcome they desire, as they are gaining their education to eventually utilize in a specific career.

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