What is a career exploration class?


What is a career exploration class?

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It is the field of study where students explore the process of researching, learning, and evaluating different career possibilities and how to pursue them with a qualified teacher. A student may explore multiple possibilities to reach a decision on a career that agrees with what they love, as well as what may be available to them locally, their ability to invest financially, and other realistically laid out circumstantial variables. There are many different schools and teachers who all have a unique way of teaching career exploration classes, including from religious perspectives, so it is important to start by choosing diligently the school of thought one might wish to learn these skills from.

A number of modern and traditional careers that are of most interest to the student, and careers that are on the rise are listed to begin the search once the particular class is selected. Questions of value are practiced, and goals are tested out with different career possibilities, such as how important job security is as opposed to how important changing the world is. Career assessment is used to integrate skills, interests, goals, ability, and relationships that help the student make a confident decision on a career path that promises satisfaction in the long run.

Other components may consist of experience in enhancing skills, job search strategies, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, and professional networking. Some universities and schools also offer counseling upon completion of their programs.

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