What do communications majors learn?


What do communications majors learn?

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A Communication Major learns how to talk with people by applying the resources available at the communication platform. A student also learns about the importance of conciseness and clarity of thought. People have various tools for communication, such as advertising, marketing, and newspapers.

The tool of communication comes under the two main types of communication, which are:

1. Oral communication

2. Written communication

In the communication majors, a student practices two types of communication in various fields and understands how people get affected.

Many universities offer communication majors in the US, such as Adelphi University, Albion College, and Adrian College. Adelphi University offers a BA in Communication Major. From its Communication Major program, a student knows about communication tool application in Journalism and Public Relations, Digital Production, and Cinema Studies. On the other hand, besides offering the Communication Major, Albion College also gives the students internships in Media Production, Publishing, and Sports Management.

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