Is a C-average grade in organic chemistry okay for dental school?


Is a C-average grade in organic chemistry okay for dental school?

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Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer this question in a general way because every institution and the dental program has its own entrance requirements and grade threshold that you need to reach in terms of science courses, and sometimes in organic chemistry specifically. Now, this does not mean that you have no options with a C- grade average. It means that they may be limited, and you may have to be more flexible in terms of which dental schools you consider. That being said, if you are dead set on applying to a certain school and organic chemistry is a required course, then it may be necessary to retake it and try to get a better grade because most required courses will need a higher than average grade in order to be acceptable. However, the reverse of this is that certain schools may not specifically require organic chemistry in order to apply, which means that you may stand a better shot at being accepted if your general science GPA is high enough. So, you just need to try and find these more lenient schools and see what options are available to you, even if it means being flexible in terms of where you end up studying.

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