How should I start my career in AI and ML if my end goal is to work at Google?


How should I start my career in AI and ML if my end goal is to work at Google?

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If you are interested in working at Google, you should know that the company is always looking for self-motivated individuals with problem-solving skills. It would help if you also were experienced and well-trained in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). If you have extensive professional experience and you can easily prove to the company that you have the skills you have, then Google can hire you, even without a degree. Another critical factor to consider is your coding skills. Google wants to have employees with the best coding skills. They are always looking for individuals who can read, write, interpret, and improve code with ease. Imperatively, you should also know that entering Google by direct application for a job is quite tricky. Most of the people who work at Google got their jobs via internship retention, referrals, or campus recruitment. Companies in tech are well known for their high rates of intern retention, so this would be an excellent way for you to start.

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