How do you begin a career in humanitarian aid?


How do you begin a career in humanitarian aid?

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A humanitarian aid is not just a career, but it is a lifestyle. Humanitarian aid workers often spend months in disparate, disaster-hit and often dangerous locations. Qualities that a person who wants to work as a humanitarian aid should possess are compassion, tolerance, cultural sensitivity, patience, and altruism. It is important for a person in this position to be able to maintain a level head as they will be often surrounded by high stress situations and environments. While it is not easy to start a career as a humanitarian aid it is possible if you have the skill and dedication to make it happen. Volunteering or unpaid internships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can be extremely beneficial to have on your resume or CV if you want to become a humanitarian aid. Obtaining a master degree that focuses on humanitarian action or human rights is also an essential factor to starting a career as a humanitarian aid. Another component to consider if looking to become a humanitarian aid is what unique skills you may possess such as food security, finance, or nursing. Specific skills can be a valuable resource in humanitarian aid work. Also do your research on the different areas you may end up in. Knowledge is a valuable tool. When you have built up your resume search for jobs and keep searching until you find the right fit.

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