How can an MBA be used for an admissions job?


How can an MBA be used for an admissions job?

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You can use your MBA (Master of Business Administration) in admissions by applying the research methods, sales and marketing, and data analysis skills you learned to your day-to-day job. For example, an admissions counselor is, at the core, a salesperson. They are trying to encourage prospective students to "buy into" the school for which they work. Sales and marketing skills can help you make informed decisions and contacts. You will likely be assigned a certain area of the state or the country from which to recruit students. You will need to analyze data to determine the type of students that fits best with your school as well as the type of students that traditionally looks for schools like yours from your assigned area. You can also use your skills to help close deals; that is, getting students to apply and accept admission to your school. You will need to make contacts with outside organizations to advertise your school and direct people to your programs. In short, an MBA can be a very practical and applicable degree to have in the field of admissions.

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