Best Jobs for Infantry Veterans

Feb 24, 2023

Finding a civilian career after military service can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Infantry veterans make excellent candidates for diverse careers ranging from law enforcement to construction management. Listed below are five careers for infantry veterans looking to break into the civilian workforce.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Salary (2021)* Job Growth (2021-2031)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Police and Detectives $66,020 3% Strong communication, calm under pressure, firearms training
First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers $61,790 2% Team-building, supervision and management
General Maintenance and Repair Workers $43,180 5% Equipment troubleshooting and repair
Construction Managers $98,890 8% Team-building, leadership, and construction abilities
Automotive Service Technicians/Mechanics $46,880 1% Machinery operation and repair

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Your Infantry Experience is Valuable for These Careers

Your previous career as an infantry member provides you with a set of skills unlike any other. Many of the skills you learn as a member of the infantry can translate to jobs in the civilian sector. Infantry veterans are known for their skill with technical terms and blueprints, their ability to repair and understand machinery, their drive to see goals met and their superior teamwork skills. These five civilian careers utilize your unique set of learned skills and can be perfect for certain infantry veterans.

Police and Detectives

A career in law enforcement is an obvious choice for some infantry veterans. Law enforcement officials are tasked with keeping peace and order and getting to the bottom of criminal cases. A high school diploma or higher is required to become a police officer in addition to police academy training. Experience in the infantry imparts firearm handling skills, calm under pressure and tactical prowess that can be extremely beneficial for a career in law enforcement.

First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers

Becoming a first-line supervisor of production and operating workers is a career many infantry veterans migrate to after military service. These professionals oversee and coordinate employees on work floors across many settings, including industrial operations. The career path uses many of the skills learned during time as a member of the infantry. For example, first-line supervisors are goal-oriented, demonstrate great teamwork skills and need to manage others efficiently.

General Maintenance and Repair Workers

Those who choose a civilian career as a general maintenance and repair worker will find themselves performing a variety of different tasks. These workers complete a wide range of tasks including mechanical maintenance, flooring repairs, heating and cooling installations, plumbing and painting. When you choose to become a general maintenance and repair worker, you will be tasked with new and exciting projects you need to complete. The work is hands-on and requires the kind of technical troubleshooting that infantry veterans are adept at.

Construction Managers

Construction managers happen to be the highest-paying job on our list; in 2019, construction managers earned a median salary of $95,260 a year. Construction managers are tasked with an important workload and are integral to making the construction industry work. If you decide to be a construction manager, you can expect to manage teams of workers, plan budgets and oversee construction projects to completion. A bachelor's degree is required for most entry-level construction manager positions. Infantry veterans with leadership inclinations may find that this career allows them to lead teams and complete fulfilling, task-driven construction projects.

Automotive Service Technicians/Mechanics

Becoming an automotive service technician, or car mechanic is a great career choice for infantry veterans who operated or repaired vehicles in the military. Automotive service technicians are tasked with finding and solving various automotive problems. This can be a fantastic career choice for infantry veterans because it requires an understanding of machinery and tools, involves troubleshooting, and provides the opportunity to work on task-driven automotive projects.

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