Best Jobs for Disabled Veterans

Mar 07, 2023

Many veterans return from active duty with physical and/or emotional disabilities, like PTSD or amputation, and need jobs that can meet the needs of their disability and utilize their military background. Some of the best jobs for these disabled veterans come from the fields of business and computer science, have a higher income and/or are expected to have positive job growth. Learn more about some of these jobs and why they are great for disabled veterans.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Salary (2021)* Job Growth (2021-2031)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Administrative Services Managers $99,290 7% Organizational and administrative skills
Software Developers $120,730 26% Information technology skills
Market Research Analysts $63,920 19% Attention to detail
Personal Financial Advisors $94,170 15% Organizational and planning skills
Accountants and Auditors $77,250 6% Organizational skills and attention to detail

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Best Jobs for Disabled Veterans

With its emphasis on discipline and systematic procedures, the military often produces or further develops organizational and planning skills in its members. These traits, along with military training to pay attention to the smallest of details, are easily transferrable to a wide range of careers. Here we discuss some of the careers that use these skills, but are also good choices for veterans who have various disabilities.

Administrative Services Managers

The BLS reported that administrative services managers made a high median salary of $99,290 in 2021, and this job may be a good match for veterans with physical disabilities as it tends to require little mobility and involves working mostly from an office setting. Veterans in this position can work in many different industries and use their organizational skills as they maintain records, coordinate supportive services and monitor the conditions of facilities. Those with a military background may be especially good using their leadership skills to oversee administrative staff members and ensure that their department meets deadlines on various projects. Administrative services managers may also be asked to offer suggestions for ways to improve efficiency in different areas of the organization.

Software Developers

Software developers made a median salary of $109,029 in 2021, per the BLS, and may be a desirable position for veterans with a background or training in information technology. Physically disabled veterans may enjoy this job with its limited mobility, and those with emotional disabilities may enjoy the possible options to work independently from home or as a member of a larger team as they work on projects creating computer programs. Software developers usually specialize in developing applications software or systems software, but both positions require developers to understand the particular needs and then create a program that fulfills those specifications and requirements. After the design phase, they must carefully test the program and record their procedures for future changes or maintenance.

Market Research Analysts

Similar to software developers, market research analysts can work individually or as a team and require little mobility, all of which may appeal to veterans with emotional and/or physical disabilities. These professionals recorded a somewhat lower median salary of $63,920 in 2021, according to the BLS, but are also predicted to have much faster than average future job growth of 19% over the next decade as they study sales and marketing trends. They study these trends to better understand consumers and their desires, as well as to find potential markets, which requires great attention to detail and is often a skill gained in the military. Market research analysts typically analyze statistical data collected from surveys, sales records and other sources and then present their findings in detailed reports. Their findings may be used to help determine price points for products, evaluate marketing campaigns and predict future sales.

Personal Financial Advisors

Personal financial advisors made a median salary of $94,170 in 2021, per the BLS, and disabled veterans may like the limited mobility the job requires and working individually with their clients. They meet with their clients to discuss short- and long-term financial goals and then put their planning skills to use as they suggest possible financial options to help their clients reach those goals. The job also requires attention to detail as these advisors carefully research various financial options, like insurance policies, investments, savings accounts and retirement plans, so that they can clearly explain each option to their client. Personal financial advisors also monitor each of their clients' accounts and discuss any changes that need to be made.

Accountants and Auditors

The BLS reported a median salary of $77,250 in 2021 and a as fast as average expected job growth rate of 6% for accountants and auditors. Like all of the other jobs discussed, this position requires little mobility for physically disabled veterans, but those with emotional disabilities may especially like the fact that accountants and auditors complete most of their work independently and possibly from home. Also similar to other positions, accountants and auditors may utilize military skills in organization and attention to detail as they inspect various financial records for their clients. They examine these records to check for accuracy and then may prepare tax documents based on these financial records. Accountants and auditors also organize these records and documents and ensure that everything complies with current financial regulations.

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