Articles about Student Finances

The cost of college tuition keeps rising every year and this section includes articles and ideas for students on how to better afford the cost. These articles about student finances include information on student loans and financial aid, as well as ideas for setting a budget, finding affordable housing and tips for saving money.

10 Free Online Calculators to Estimate College Costs

Wondering how much college is going to cost you? You can calculate tuition, living costs, student loan debt and other common college costs using these free online college calculators.

3 Colleges You Can Attend for Free

The cost of college tuition prevents many people from enrolling in higher learning programs. But, you might be surprised to learn that not every college costs money. A few colleges waive tuition for all of their students. Here are three...

5 Questions Every Student Should Ask the Financial Aid Office

Every college and university has its own financial aid office and policies. The aid office is there to assist you and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about aid awards, outside scholarships, work study programs and college costs.

A Guide to Establishing a Budget for College Students

This guide walks college students through the different steps of establishing a budget.

Applying for Student Aid - Filling out the FAFSA

The FAFSA, or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is your primary method of applying for federal student grants and loans and work-study programs. Keep reading to learn where to find it and how to fill it out.

Budgeting Tips for College Students: How to Save Money

Between the money spent on classes, books, food plans and other supplies, college students often have little flexibility in their budgets. Therefore, it's important for college students to understand how to budget their money to make it last all...

Buying a Used Car While in College

Don't be another student who gets scammed by the car salesman.

College Degrees Worth the Most Money

Concerned about your earning power after college? Read on to learn which degrees typically lead to the highest salaries, both immediately after graduation and in the long term.

College Finance Economic Indicators: Description & What They Mean

Economic indicators are useful tools for understanding the financial markets. Read on to learn about the different types of indicators, why they're important and how you can learn more about them.

College Finance: All About Stafford Loans

The federal Stafford loan is the most popular type of student loan. Here is what you need to know about the Stafford loan program.

College Finance: Create a Portfolio with a Plan for the Future

College students who want to get a head start on their investment portfolios can get started right away. Take a look at some steps you can take to plan your investment future and find out about services available on your college campus that can...

College Finance: How to Get a Raise

Think you are worth more money than your boss is paying you? Learn these steps to get your salary up to par.

College Finance: Managing Your Credit Score

Optimizing your credit score while you are a student is a great way to position your financial life after graduation.

College Finance: The Three Types of Economic Indicators

Leading, Lagging and Coincident indicators confirm what is happening in our economy. Add to your investment knowledge by learning what they mean.

College Finance: Three Steps to Get Out of Debt

College students have a reputation for spending, often beyond their means. If this is true and you are buried in debt, here are three steps to get this negative balance behind you.

College Life: Splitting Finances with Roommates

A little help for moving in with roommates.

College Students Can Get Paid to Use a Credit Card

Cash back credit cards rebate you a portion of your spending. How much is two thousand nickels?

College Students with Good Credit Can Score Good Deals on an Auto Loan

Finding a good rate on an auto loan can save you big bucks over the 36 to 48 months that it takes to pay it back. Here are some tricks to getting the best deal in town.

Costs of Living On Your Own

Many new college students are supporting themselves for the first time and it's important to be financially prepared for this big step. Read on to explore some of the common costs of living on your own.

Discount Brokers: A Great Way to Save While in College

Students who want to start investing while still in college might consider discount or online brokerages. Below are some tips for finding a broker and how you can utilize student services available on campus to help you with the investment process.

FAFSA Document Checklist

Every student must fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be eligible for financial aid programs. You will need current personal records as well as records of any income you earned in the previous tax year. Keep reading...

Financial Aid Awards: How to Find and Win Them

Almost all students in the United States are eligible for some sort of financial aid when attending school at the undergraduate or graduate level. Possibilities include grants, loans, scholarships and other types of aid, any of which can be used...

Financial Aid for Distance Learners: How Does It Work?

Distance learners follow the same steps for receiving financial aid as on-campus learners. Federally funded and locally funded scholarships, grants and loans are available to distance learners based on financial need and academic excellence.

Financial Aid for Non-Traditional Students: How to Find Aid

Several financial aid options exist for adults interested in going back to school for a degree or for vocational training. There are a number of programs designed to give financial aid through scholarships, grants and federal loans to the growing...

Financial Aid in Distance Education: Overview of Options

While not all distance education courses and programs come with financial aid opportunities, many of them have the same eligibility as on-campus options.

Financial Aid Options for College Students

Students who need money for college can choose from a variety of options. Take a look at the common financial aid options and learn about some alternative ways to pay for college below.

Financial Aid Rules Have Changed

Financial aid rules have undergone changes in recent years. If you're applying for federal financial aid, you'll want to be aware of the rule changes that have been implemented since 2012. Keep reading to learn more.

First Home Buying for the College Student

Planning ahead is the first rule of finance. Here are a few tips on how students can plan to buy a first home after graduation.

How Does Someone Apply For Financial Aid?

Financial aid is money awarded to student applicants to help them pay for college tuition and other expenses that may accrue during postsecondary schooling. There are various types of financial aid available, depending on a student's qualifications.

How to Apply for Student Loans: Info for Aspiring College Students

Many college students receive some sort of monetary aid to help cover the cost of postsecondary education. The application process can be completed entirely online and requires students to submit a series of personal documents.

How to Choose the Right Tuition Payment Plan

Scholarships, grants and other forms of student aid are not always enough to cover the cost of college. Fortunately, many schools allow students to choose from various tuition payment plans. These plans can be a good option for people who want to...

How to Find Financial Aid for Online Classes & Degrees

There are several forms of financial aid available for online classes and degree programs. Distance learning students can apply for federal financial aid, and many schools offer financial aid and other funding options to online students.

How to Find Grants for Teachers in Graduate School

Teachers pursuing graduate degrees can find grants to help pay for their education through federal and private programs. Some popular ones include the Pell Grant and the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant.

How to Get the Boss to Pay for Your Education

Are you ready to go back to school but not sure you can pay for it yourself? If you are already working full time, you might be able to get tuition assistance from your company. Keep reading to find out how you can get your boss to pay for your...

How to Increase Your Financial Aid Package

Obtaining financial aid can be a tricky process. If you make a mistake while filling out the FAFSA or searching for scholarships, you could miss out on the money you need to pay for school. Here's what you need to know in order to increase your...

How to Make Colleges Compete for You

Colleges and universities always compete to admit the best students. A smart student can use this competition as leverage to secure a more attractive financial aid package. Find out how you can make colleges compete for you.

How to Start a Business While in College

Feeling entrepreneurial? You don't have to be an MBA student to start a business in college. Read on for some tips and tricks on launching your new venture.

Information About Repaying Your Student Loans

What you really need to know about your student debt and student loan repayment.

Learn the Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt

Some forms of debt are expensive, money sucking pitfalls. Others are a good tool to help your financial life. Learn the difference.

Life After College With Good Credit

Your years in college can be used to establish a good credit score.

Money Saving Tips for College Students on a Budget

Between climbing tuition, high cost of living and low employment, college students are always living on a tight budget. Don't miss these money saving tips for everything from textbooks to entertainment.

Paying for College with a Work Study Program

Work study programs can help students pay for college tuition. Learn more about how work study programs operate and find out how you can apply for work study funds to cover college expenses.

Save Your Money for Dating: Ways to Cut Spending on Gas

Most college students are living on a modest budget from a part time job. Here are some tips to help you stop wasting money on gasoline so you can put your cash to better use.

Scholarship Scams: How to Protect Yourself

Scholarships are a great way to pay for your education, but you need to be careful when searching for aid. College scholarship scams cost students and families millions of dollars each year.

Social Responsibility Can Make Students Money

Want to make some money off of your good heart. How about socially responsible investing?

Special Funding Alternatives for a Debt-Free Education

College can be an expensive venture for any student, but options are available that can help grads leave college debt free. Aspiring college students familiar with the common financial aid options of scholarships, loans and grants might also want...

Student Finance Guide: All About Stock Buybacks

Stock buybacks are a companies way of returning wealth to its shareholders. Translate: Stock buybacks can increase you college savings!

Student Finance: Save the Environment While Saving Money

Ever wanted to be a super hero? Now's your chance to save the world! Well, not really, but you can do your little part and save some bucks by becoming 'energy efficient.'

Student Finance: Top Investing Mistakes

Learning from other people's mistakes is a lot better than having to learn from your own. Here are some easy ones to avoid.

Student Finance: Ways to Keep Pet Care Costs Down

Pets are fun, loyal companions... that can be very expensive. Here are some tips to keep Fido's bills down.

Student Finances: What are the Taxes on your Paycheck?

As you've probably realized, just because you're paid ten bucks an hour doesn't mean that's what you take home. Read on for more information about the taxes on your paycheck.

Student Loan Options for College Students

Student loans can help cover to the cost of your education when your aid package falls short. Keep reading to learn more about federal loans, private loans, peer-to-peer loans and family loans.

Student Loans: Deciding How Much to Borrow

Determining how much money you should borrow to pay for college can be difficult. You don't want to borrow so much that you are left paying unnecessary interest and loan payments but you don't want to borrow so little that you don't have enough...

Take a Summer Vacation on the Cheap

Here are some ways college students can save big on airfares and lodging this summer break.

The 3 Biggest Financial Mistakes Made by College Applicants

Students and their parents often pay more for college than they have to because they make simple mistakes with big financial consequences. Here are the three most common mistakes made by college applicants and tips on how to avoid them.

The Federal Pell Grant: What It Is and How to Get It

The Federal Pell Grant is available to students with financial need who are pursuing postsecondary education. Find out more about how this grant works, who is eligible and how you can apply.

Tips for Finding Affordable Housing

Housing can be one of the mostly costly expenses during college. This article describes tips for finding housing at reasonable prices.

Tips for Traveling on the Cheap

Traveling can be an exciting part of any student's college experience. This article discusses ways to save money while traveling.

Tips on Winning Scholarships

Finding scholarships is easy. Winning them is more of a challenge. However, there are ways to increase your chances of winning the scholarships you apply for. Here are a few tips to guide you through the process.

Volunteer Programs That Will Help You Pay for College

Working with a service organization or volunteer program is a great way to help people in need, give back to your community and build your resume, but did you know that you might also be able to pay for part of your college education through your...

What is a Stock Split

What is a stock split? Why do companies do it? How is it going to affect you as an investor? All these questions and more, answered here.

Where to Find Free and Low-Cost Textbooks

Buying books at the campus bookstore may not be the most cost-friendly option for every student. Fortunately, there are a number of other places to get the textbooks you need for school. Here are 9 sites that offer free or affordable textbooks...

Where to Find Scholarships Online

When you start your college search, you'll also want to research options that can help you reduce the cost of your education. Scholarships don't have to be paid back and can make a significant dent in your total bill for college. Not sure where...

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